Our Mission

The Buddhist Meditation Community at Duke provides the opportunity for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students to learn about Buddhist teachings and practice meditation. Our Monday evening meetings include quiet meditation, group study and discussion, and we regularly host local Buddhist teachers from across traditions to share their teachings with the group. Morning meditation on weekdays is also available. We are a culturally diverse student group that welcomes the curious, beginners, experienced Buddhists, and those of other religions equally. We deeply value the role of friendship and community in supporting a thoughtful spiritual path of wisdom and compassion. Come by any time!


BMCD Chaplain


Headshot 2Francesca Morfesis, LPA is the Buddhist chaplain at Duke (not Dukkha!) University. Francesca was first exposed to mindfulness in her studies of Clinical Psychology. After finishing her Masters in 2009 she dedicated much of her time to the study and practice of mindfulness in both the west and in Southeast Asia. Francesca took temporary ordination in 2013 in Myanmar, and her practice and offerings are informed by both the Burmese and Thai lineages of Buddhism, as well as further study and practice in Mahayana communities. Francesca has completed 2 years of interfaith chaplaincy training through the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, and her approach to spirituality is flexible and person-centered. Her offerings are also heavily influenced by her studies of Somatic Experiencing and other forms of somatic therapy for trauma, which have helped bring the lens of the mammalian nervous system to bear on the processes of healing and awakening.


BMCD Board 2019-2020

Chaplain: Francesca Morfesis; francesca.morfesis@duke.edu

President: Natasha Gupta; natasha.gupta1@duke.edu

Vice President/Treasurer: Matt Wisner


Affiliated and Supporting Organizations at Duke

Duke Religious Life
Duke Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Center for Multicultural Affairs
Asian/Pacific Studies Institute 
Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Duke University Student Affairs
Graduate and Professional Student Council
Duke Student Government