Weekly Evening Meditation and Buddhist Thought

Mondays from 7:00 – 8:00 pm on West Campus, in the Wellness Building (rm 148/149).
20 minutes of meditation, followed by discussion of core Buddhist teachings and the practice of Buddhism in different aspects of daily life

Fall 2018 Preview

Monday Meeting

Teacher Topic


January 14 Francesca We will take time to reaffirm/reestablish intentions we set in the Fall or to set new intentions for the Spring and new year. We will also spend some time exploring expressing ourselves mindfully through art and poetry. Please join us for a fun re-entry and time to reflect and re-commit to yourself in the Spring.
January 21 Francesca In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we will take time to identify dominant culture in the west, at Duke, and thus, in our meditation spaces, and what is often left out as a result of cultural dismissal and oppression. We will use the second half of our meeting to watch a segment of the recent ‘Black & Buddhist in America’ conference hosted by Union Theological Seminary.
January 28 Elizabeth Brownrigg Elizabeth Brownrigg from Durham Shambhala will join us to offer a guest talk.
February 4 Francesca Our talk and practices this evening will explore how to bring our mindfulness practice to our use of technology. If you find yourself (as do many of us) constantly scrolling on your iPhone, this evening is for you!
February 11 Francesca What is love from a Buddhist perspective? We will explore the difference between conditional and unconditional love, and how these relate to our mindfulness practice.
February 18 William Edelglass William Edelglass from Marlboro College will join us to offer a guest talk on reading poetry as a mindfulness practice.